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D-SUB Hoods and Accessories:
io_d-sub-hoods-and-accessories.jpgCONEC offers an extensive range of housings for different areas of application or requirements. This ranges from plastic, metallised plastic, plastic with integrated shielding plate and up to a full metal construction. Special housings are available for combination D-SUB connectors, which have a large interior space for coaxial or high power contacts and can also be combined with a broad range of applicable accessories of the Conec programm for shielding, sealing and securing of connections and interfaces.

pdf.gifСМОТРЕТЬ КАТАЛОГ D-SUB Hoods and Accessories

  1. Metal Hoods for D-SUB Connectors
  2. Plastic Hood with Internal Shielding for D-SUB Connectors
  3. Plastic- and Plastic Metallized Hoods for D-SUB Connectors
  4. Plastic Hood Low Profile for D-SUB Connectors
  5. IP67 Plastic Hood for D-SUB Connectos
  6. Plastic Hood for Flat Cable D-SUB Connectors
  7. Plastic Hood for 2W2 and 3W3 Combination D-SUB Connectors
  8. Plastic- and Metal Hood for Microtca D-SUB Connectors
  9. Plastic- and Plastic Metallized Adapter Hoods
  10. Plastic and Shielded Protection Caps
  11. IP67 Shielded Protection Caps
  12. Hex Bolts and Locking Systems
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