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RJ45-IP67 Industrial Ethernet Connector System:

io_rj45-industrial-ethernet.jpgFor structured, industrial cabling in acc. to Realtime EtherNet/IP specifications CONEC developed the RJ45 connector with bayonet coupling mechanism conforming to IEC 61076-3-106 standards. The receptacle housing kits are applicable for front- or rear-panel mount with different connection technologies, for the cable application, inside the device. Available versions

  • RJ45 Inline coupler termination
  • IDC-termination
  • Solder termination

To download a presentation on the applications and product features of the ruggedized Industrial Ethernet product line click the pdf link below.


pdf.gifСМОТРЕТЬ КАТАЛОГ RJ45-IP67 Industrial Ethernet Connector System

  1. RJ45-IP67 Housing Set for Front-Rear Panel Mounting - Inline Socket Connector
  2. RJ45-IP67 Housing Set for Front-Rear Panel Mounting - Insulation displacement termination (IDC)
  3. RJ45-IP67 Housing Set for Front-Rear Panel Mounting - Solder termination (PCB)
  4. RJ45-IP67 Plug Connector Set - Bayonet Locking
  5. RJ45-IP67 Plug Connector Set - M28 threaded termination
  6. RJ45-IP67and IP20 Cat. 5e Patch Cords
  7. RJ45-IP67 Accessories
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