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USB 2.0-IP67 Water Resistant Connector System:
io_usb2.jpgThe CONEC USB Connector system series for harsh environments can be used for front or rear mounting into a panel with a thickness up to 3.2mm. The integrated USB connector meets USB 2.0 specifications. The connector system provides IP67 sealing performance when the connector halves are fully mated or the protection cap is applicated.

pdf.gifСМОТРЕТЬ КАТАЛОГ USB 2.0-IP67 Water Resistant Connector System

  1. USB2.0-IP67 Housing Set For Front- Rear Panel Mounting
  2. USB2.0-IP67 Plug Connector Set
  3. USB2.0-IP67 / Ip20 Type A and B Patch Cords
  4. USB2.0-IP67 Accessories
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