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Compact PCI Connectors:
embedded_compactpci.jpgThe Compact PCI bus connector has been defined by the PICMG group in specification 2.0. Besides the standardized 47-pin connector according to PICMG 2.11 R1.0, variations have been developed for computer, industrial, medicinal and measurement applications. The CONEC product range covers a wide range of standard types of 47W23 and 38W23 connectors but also the compact sizes 26W11 and 24W9. Solder and press fit versions are available for a reliable pcb mount. Special types with pre- or post- mating contacts, inverted models, special assemblies and high current contacts are available on request for these connectors.

pdf.gifСМОТРЕТЬ КАТАЛОГ Compact PCI Connectors

  1. CompactPCI Male Connector 47 positions
  2. CompactPCI Female Connector 47 positions
  3. Accessories
  4. CompactPCI Male Connector 38 positions
  5. CompactPCI Female Connector 38 positions
  6. Accessories
  7. Mini Power Male Connector 24 positions
  8. Mini Power Female Connector 24 positions
  9. Mini Power Male Connector 26 positions
  10. Mini Power Female Connector 26 positions
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