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PC104 and PC104plus Connectors:

PCB Connectors/PC 104 Connectors

embedded_pc104.jpgA well-known standard for industrial computing applications are the form factors of the PC 104 consortium. To built up the computer bus system the standards use special defined connectors. CONEC offers the 40 and 64 contact ISA BUS connectors of the PC 104 standard as press-fit or solder version. Beneath the standardized types CONEC expanded the product range with a 100 contacts type and stack-through versions with a pin length of 17.0mm to realize different pole counts and higher module stacks.


PCB Connectors/PC 104plus Connectors

embedded_pc104-plus.jpgTo built up the PCI bus system in accordance to PC 104 form factors another connector is described in PC 104plus specification. CONEC provides the 120 contacts PCI connector with 2.00mm pitch as press-fit version for the stack-through connector type and as pressfit or solder version for the terminal connector type. An applicable shroud for the backside of the PCB helps to connect modules together and is available with optional position pegs. The PC 104 and PC 104 plus PCB connector series is completed by typical assembly equipments.



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