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Connectors DIN 41617:
embedded_din-41617.jpgA CONEC PCB Connector according to DIN 41617 is continuously used in various industrial applications. The product range comprises male and female connectors in a 13, 21 and 31 pin configuration. Available connection types are straight and angled solder and hand solder. The contacts are available in silver and gold plating, depending on the application. In addition, the product range also includes a connector converter (PCB adapter), which converts from DIN 41617 to DIN EN 60603.

pdf.gifСМОТРЕТЬ КАТАЛОГ Connectors DIN 41617

  1. Male Connector 13, 21- and 31positions
  2. Female Connector 13, 21- and 31 positions
  3. Converter Female Connector   
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