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Quartz Crystal HC-49/SMD

Output Frequency Range:

3.000MHz to 100.000MHz

Frequency Tolerance:

±30ppm,or specify

Shunt Capacitance(C0):

16pF, 20pF, 30pF, series, or specify

Operable Temperature Range:

-20˚C~+70˚C (Typical); -10˚C ~ +60˚C,
-40˚C ~ +85˚C; or specify


Height 4.0mm, or 3.0mm, compact unit for surface mount
Able to by means of a metal case and completely sealed
high solution characteristics
Copes with high density mounting and is the optimum for
mass production

49SMD crystal resonator application of computers,
small umpc,digital television, electronic boards, etc.

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