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sal_m12x1-field-attachble.jpgCircular Connectors that can be assembled freely are often required for individual cable lengths, e.g. for the construction of special purpose machines. CONEC offers 4 and 5-pin M12 Connector models here in an axial and angled construction for connectors and adapters. In the angled construction the cable outlet is adjustable in a 90° pitch to the pin layout. The cables are connected via screw or clamp connections. The cable seal is produced by an elastomer section and has been designed for different cable diameters (max. 8mm). Available is a connecting area from 0.25mm2 to 0.75mm2. For rounding up the prgram there are availabe shielded versions in axial type of construction. The requirements of protection class IP67 according to IEC 60529 are fulfilled when assembled and inserted.

1. Wire cross section max. 0,5mm 
    - Clamp Connection
    - Screw Termination
2.Wire cross section max. 0,75mm
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