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Flatcable Connectors:
flat-cable-connector.jpgCONEC flat cable PCB Connectors correspond to DIN 41651 and fulfil all of the technical requirements demanded of this system. The plug connectors are supplied with short or long levers on the side that enable a secure connection to be made between the connector and plug connector. A Low Profile model is also available in addition to the plug connector. The socket connectors have a coded plug that conforms with the plug connector to ensure a secure connection and they are designed for flat cable AWG 28 in a pitch of 1.27mm. All of the common pin numbers from 10 to 64 are available for these PCB Connectors.

pdf.gifСМОТРЕТЬ КАТАЛОГ Flatcable Connectors

  1. Flatcable Connectors DIN 41651Socket Connector/Plug Connector
  2. Flatcable Connectors DIP Connector/PCB Connector
  3. Flatcable Connectors D-SUB IDC
  4. Flatcable Connectors Type C Female Connector IDC
  5. Flatcable grey or color-coded
  6. Pin header/ Socket Connector
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